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yoga jams

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What do you like to listen to when you practice yoga? Or do you like to just listen to the wave sounds of your own ujaii breath?

I like a little of both, depending on what mood I'm in. Lately I've been liking very meditational music, like tibetan bells or tonal sounds, and even sometimes just beautiful and chill electronic music.

I listen to this tibetan bowls recording at least once a week, and usually all day after my yoga practice. It reminds me to keep the aware mind I discovered in my meditation, and return to my breath for grounding and peace when I need it.



You can't go wrong with a little Indian flute, or bansuri. Have you ever tried to play a bansuri? We have a few and they are freaking hard as hell! You have to blow into the hole at just the right angle with just the right amount of pressure. It's really challenging to get past the part where you just can't make a sound out of the bansuri. I think learning it is really a huge meditation in itself! Check out the legend GS Sachdev's newest album 'Introspection'. It's incredible how it almost immediately transports you to a place of calm, healing, and gentleness to yourself.



I also love and keep coming back to my friend's amazing work called 'Musical Mandalas'. My favorite album is his first, Music of the Spheres. It's amazingly beautiful and relaxing to listen to, like going into a trance state and finding yourself in the very best dream you could imagine. 


What are some of your favorite yoga music recommendations?


All love,




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